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🌞🧚🏻           🌟  Rachel's Bio  🌟             🧚🏻 🌞

I have an energy that comes from spirit. I recognized my psychic abilities at a very young age and have been helping people and animals throughout my life.  


I knew I had a gift when I woke up after feeling someone sitting down at the side of my bed. As I opened my sleepy eyes, there sat the most beautiful elder Native Indian woman who was smiling at me. I wasn't afraid, I just went back to sleep.  At 7 years old I didn't know very much about guides, although I did see other spirits. That moment was a huge pivotal point in my life. I remember it like yesterday.  I had met my first Native Indian guide and she had the most beautiful energy.  Such beautiful light.


Later on in life, I just knew things would happen, and when, and what someone was thinking or feeling.  One day, when I was in my 20's while browsing in a spiritual shop in Toronto, The Omega Center, a deck of cards fell out of the case in front of me and spirit said "you will need these for your clients. " They were my first tarot deck and the only deck I use. During my reading my Grand Native Indian Chief and Native Indian healers come into my readings and we work together.


I was attuned to reiki and am a Reiki Master.  A few years ago Spirit said, it is time to work with animals now. Ever since then, I work with humans and animals. I am able to scan a body and detect health challenges. I also work with my beautiful white wolf and her pack and they help with the animals.

I am blessed.

Love & Light,


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